Beer enthusiasts will love nothing more than to linger over the Museum’s collection of rare objects. For those who are merely curious, the topic is vast and accessible enough for the themes covered (history, sociology, science and techniques, agriculture, advertising, etc.) to make the Beer Museum a real hit!

Plus points

Easy parking

Cycle parking available (anti-theft devices available if required)

Locker room

Permission to take pictures without a flash

Dogs permitted if kept on a lead


Interactive terminals

Interactive terminals provide a fun way to complement the explanatory texts and learn a bit more about the history of beer.


Soundscapes are played in the various museum spaces in order to recreate the conditions of beer making.

Guided tours in summer

Guided tours take place at 3pm every Wednesday in July and August. They are free, last about an hour and are led by our expert guides. They’re a great opportunity to get the lowdown on the Museum and to make sure you don’t miss the best items in our collection.

Texts translated into several languages

The museum’s texts are available in several languages: French, English, German and Dutch.



After immersing yourself in brewing culture in our themed rooms, you’ll never drink beer in quite the same way again! Luckily, the Museum’s Tavern has a range of over 70 beers to be enjoyed – in moderation, obviously!

Light snacks

We also have a selection of tasty local food to go with your beer, including Orval beer cheese, Stenay madeleines, and beer sausage from the Baston butcher’s.


Take away a taste of your visit with a few of our superb gift boxes or souvenirs, perfect for friends and family.