Visit the Stenay Beer Museum with a guide and you can be sure you won’t miss the important stuff. You’ll also get to see the best items in the collection! All of our guides bring their individual personality to your tour; they research their topics carefully to produce a good supply of anecdotes and fresh insight, so you'll want to come back again and again.



Originally from the area, David has worked at the Beer Museum for more than 10 years. There isn’t much he doesn’t know about brewing or beers from around the world. His natural disposition for teaching makes him the perfect companion for visitors of all ages and backgrounds.



Trainee archaeologist Delphine has a penchant for rigour combined with a sharp sense of humour, making her the ideal guide for those who like the idea of learning with a bit of entertainment too!



Independent lecturer and guide from the Arrêt sur Histoire association, Nathalie has been giving tours for over 20 years. Her extensive knowledge of the north Meuse area makes her tours both fulfilling and enthusiastic experiences.



This Belgian former lecturer has worked as an independent guide for a number of years, particularly for the Arrêt sur Histoire association. Véronique is equally at home on the ramparts of Bouillon castle and alongside the vessels in our brewing house.

Guided tour admission price :

Admission according to visitor category + €40 for guided tour for a group of between 2 and 45 people.