Just a few miles from Orval Abbey in Ardennes, Belgium, the Stenay Beer Museum tour is organised into six different stages designed to inform visitors about all aspects of the brewing industry.

Stage 1: The history of the building and how the Museum was founded

The town of Stenay, the Museum and its premises have a long and vibrant history, brought to life through various archaeological remains and machinery from the old malt house.

Stage 2: Illustration of materials required in beer making

In this space, visitors can touch, breathe and smell everything needed to make beer: water, barley malt, other grains, spices and hops.

Stage 3: How brewing techniques have changed from their origins to the present day

Developments in brewing techniques have been marked by a series of technical revolutions. Learn about Gallic barley beer, medieval abbey beers, 19th century industrial revolutions and the technical sophistication of 20th century brewing labs.

Stage 4: Promoting brewers through commercial art

A high point of the museum visit is the space given over to advertising and posters, which reveals just how original brewers were when it came to promoting their products.

Stage 5: Pubs and bars over time: beer and how we drink it

This space recreates a series of pubs, 60s clubs and “Belle Epoque” cafes, to demonstrate how our drinking habits and attitudes have changed over the years.

Stage 6: Beer transportation and its technical developments

From animal power to the motor engine revolution, beer transportation – far from being boring – is brought to life outside the Museum with a large display of transport and vehicles.

The Garden

Designed to incorporate every plant you could possibly need to make beer, the Museum’s botanical garden is the perfect place to learn something or enjoy a wander – and perhaps a daydream or two!